Times are a-changing

Times are a-changing…

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More and more newer generations are finding unique and personal ways to bid farewell to their loved ones, most recently I saw a funeral picture where the deceased was posed in his motorcycle, a bit over the edge, but there are certain things we are seeing more and more of, for example grandpa was a guitar player so they had his favorite guitars around the casket. More modern funerals play their loved ones favorite music or movie, and some people are catering their beloveds favorite food. People are also spreading the scent of their favorite perfume, and allowing pets to sit in, we at La Paz Funeral Home are here to help you with your requests to make your funerals a great tribute for your loved ones. Memorial slideshows have become very popular, a lifetime of images and achievements is created with pictures and music and played in loop at a television monitor at the wake (we have TV monitors in all of our rooms). A final tribute should be as unique and reflective of the life of the person that passed, so their interests and passions should be a part of their final tribute.