Direct and Full Service Cremations

Safe and Affordable

Direct and Full Service Cremations

Covid-19 has many families concerned for their safety when faced with planning a cremation or funeral. La Paz Funeral Home is offering safe, affordable and loving ways to remember and honor your loved-one. Contact us today to discuss the best option for your family.

Full Service Cremations

La Paz funeral Home offers full-service cremations, also known as traditional cremation, which is a great way to honor your loved-one, allowing families to gather in our clean and sanitized location. Celebrate together with your family while keeping within your budget and staying safe.

Direct Cremations

La Paz Funeral Home offers Direct Cremation, also referred to as Simple Immediate Cremation, allows for an extremely safe and more affordable alternative. Direct Cremations can still be very special and will honor your loved-one in a memorable way.

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